T-SENSE - We are a dynamic factory located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan.

In the early years, we started as a small and humble trading company dedicated to providing excellent mold parts to our customers. However, since 2012, with the investment of five predecessors who have made outstanding achievements in the field of machinery, we have undergone a brand new transformation to become a center of R&D and assembly.

Now, we have a series of self-developed quality products, which are listed below:
Mold Counter
Tool setter for CNC Machines
Precision Linear Bearings for Measuring Instruments

With innovation and professionalism as the cornerstones, we are committed to continuously improving our technology and quality in order to satisfy our customers' desire for superior products.

We are a company that represents our mission - to create a prosperous era and bring a bright future to the industry.

From the past to the present, we always uphold the core values of perseverance, innovation, and excellence, and we look forward to working together with our customers for a brighter tomorrow in the years to come. We thank God for guiding us in this world of favor.

We realize that this is a unique and precious opportunity and we will cherish it.

Origin of the name T-SENSE

We thank God for giving us challenges of all sizes and for being with us in every process.We are confident that through these challenges, we will be victorious and thrive in this world.