BMCS-7  - the Smallest Size Mold Counter in the injection mold industry.


BALLSUM mold counters can record the number of times a mold is opened and closed, and monitor the actual quantity of molds produced to ensure the quality of injection molded products.

It is used in plastic injection molding factories that have signed a "contract manufacturing" agreement, and can be used as a third party guarantee to ensure that the manufacturing contract between the customer and the injection molding factory is valid.

It is not a counter on the "injection machine", but a counter in the "mold", so that the usage record will not be lost with the replacement of the injection machine.


1.Currently the smallest mold counter in the injection mold industry.
2.Mechanical, no batteries are required, so there is no need to worry about explosions and other problems.
3.No error counting gauranteed if it is installed correctly.
4.Has a unique serial number that can be used by mold managers as a basis for mold management.
5.Non-zeroizable ,  not resettable counter
6.Provide 20 times mold trial, will start counting from 9999980.
7.Heat resistance up to 120˚C / 248˚F.




Inner Type


External Type